Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Raccoon tries to avoid snow but gets stuck in tree

With the current cold snap in the UK many of us will be seeking shelter from the weather this week, something this rather unfortunate raccoon tried before getting stuck in a tree.

The animal was left red-faced, if that’s possible, after it became lodged in the branch.

It was a double blow as not only was the raccoon unable to move but its bottom also took the full impact of the snowfall.

We’re not sure if it managed to escape yet but we certainly hope so.

The raccoon may want to reduce the amount of fat it has in its diet as a way of preventing any similar incidents in the future.

Or alternatively, it may choose to dive inside a larger tree next time it’s caught up in a storm.

Whatever it decides to do it shall always remember the day it froze its bum off while stuck in a tree in the middle of a snow storm.

source: http://metro.co.uk

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