Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Teacher Accidentally Emails Students Secret School Document Revealing What Faculty Members Really Thought About Them

A high school teacher in Israel incited a major student protest today after she accidentally emailed several juniors an internal "burn book"-like document containing many disparaging and insulting comments made by the school's teachers about their students.

The teacher was reportedly put in charge of collecting information from the teachers at the Yitzhak Rabin High School in Kfar Saba about potential troublemakers ahead of a field trip to various Holocaust sites across Poland.

Though some students were described as "pleasant" and "quiet," many others were given insulting labels such as "big baby," "sicko," and "not too bright."

One student was said to "have a voice like a 4-year-old girl," while another was flagged for having "a thing" for boys.

Students showed up at the school this morning with their individual put-downs taped to their shirts.

One of the students who found themselves on the infamous spreadsheet said she would have a hard time looking her teachers in the eye after this. "We are very angry," she told YNet.

The school's principal, Ruth Lazar, released a statement saying, "we will draw conclusions about our behavior and the way we express ourselves."

But Israel's Ministry of Education, which called the incident "unacceptable," said in a separate statement that it has launched an "in-depth and thorough investigation" of its own into the matter.

"This is not about a human error from a teacher who accidentally sent the email, this is about the fact that the document should not have been created in the first place," said education activist and Member of Knesset Karin Elharar.

source: http://gawker.com

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